Consulted with Dr Anand and got hearing aid tested/purchased with audio specialist Mr. Khwaja, who is not keen on sales but only customer satisfaction, given various products to test and chosen best/suitable clarity per customer choice. He is very patience to explain all doubts and queries and continue the same support any number of times you visit after the purchase as well. Dedicated and Excellent place to purchase hearing aids and supported for life time! Highly recommended! Give a try with Mr. Khwaja prior you go elsewhere for hearing aids!

Chandrasekar Subramanian

My 11-year daughter has been going through a recurring cold and fever for a while and Dr. Anand has diagnosed it is due to tonsillitis. Although we had been consulting different pediatric and ENT doctors, the treatment given was unyielding. Since cold & fever symptoms were reappearing almost every month due to acute tonsillitis, Dr. Anand recommended surgery as the best option for permanent relief. Last month my daughter had undergone tonsillectomy surgery at the hospital and she is completely normal now. As a doctor, he is the one among the finest we had experienced so far in all parameters spanning from diagnosis, treatment and cost. And of course, he is very polite and listens to all our queries and provides appropriate advice. Thank you so much Dr. Anand We wish doctors like you get more recognition and accolades

Rajeesh K

Today I went to visit Dr. Anand for my mom and myself.. His way of approach was superb.. Even if we ask any doubt, he clearly explains the issue and its cause.. Thank you sir.

Keerthana S

Had a great experience with Dr. ANAND and his assistants. Had a surgery for Sinusitis and right from diagnosis, admission, surgery and post-surgery, everything was taken with a great care. Highly recommend for any ENT related treatments.

Asho Elango

I am very much satisfied in your treatment, sir. Pros: 1.Very politely you treated the patient 2. Explanation about the solution for the problem 3. Never ever seen a doctor who is suggesting to go for hearing aids based on the audiogram test. This is really impressed me, lot of doctors redirecting to hearing aids parties, but mostly choosing the hearing aids based on the patient and attenders decisions. Here, the decision goes wrong mostly, because of knowledge lags. Sir, you are doing your job perfectly.. please keep it up. 4. Good infrastructure 5. Reasonable charges for the treatments. Registration fee 300, kmch(500) Consultation fee 250, kmch(400) Endoscopic 250, Audiogram test 600, kmch(1000+) Cons: Nothing

Siva Subramnai

One of the most talented ENT specialist, one who cared about how a patient mindset is and what would help. Right medication and humble response.

Simran Jha

Posting this on behalf of my father Mr. Girish - On the morning of 7th January 2020, I experienced sudden block and ringing/humming in my ear, hearing loss was felt, till the 8th my hearing was muffled, but on the 9th morning, it was total loss of hearing. Hearing aids were tried after ‘Audiometry’ at an ENT clinic in Goa, but did not work. My daughter who lives in Coimbatore suggested that we rush to Coimbatore and seek specialists’ advice; we met Dr Anand on the 13th who after reviewing the test results suggested Steroid treatment. I was given I.V. for about 3 hours and tested, but results were the same as before. Later I was injected steroids directly into the middle ear and was advised bed rest for half an hour. Follow-up visit was fixed for 21st January, Dr. Anand had prescribed steroid tablets for a week, 3 tablets per day. I could notice revival of hearing during the week and on 21st Audiometry a 75% improvement was recorded. Dr. Anand expressed satisfaction after reviewin

Apoorva T

Anand Sir is truly a great doctor who believes in spending time and listening to the patient rather than just write some medications. He is always available on phone in case patients have doubts. He is a very friendly and down to earth type of doctor. The latest treatment modalities are always available with him. He always makes sure that the patient understands the disease before the treatment starts. The solution for all your ENT problems is at this amazing ENT Centre.

Nitin Luke Mathew

Anand sir has been my doctor for a very long time . He is a gem among doctors , all my ENT problems have been completely resolved by sir . I used to suffer from severe vertigo and he completely cured me ! I will never forget how much he has changed my life . He believes in listening to the patient and solving their problems rather than just giving medicines without any concern .

Prakruthi H

Best doctor best staffs and best hospital for all your ENT problems. the doctor has lot of patients, but waiting is common in hospitals and is worth here because the doctor is so worth . he is very calm and explains nicely and best treatment.

Senthil Kumar

I went to the hospital for an Ear problem with a few recommendations. after getting an appointment i was asked to wait and explained that the doctor is in surgery and will take time. I was asked to come back after an hour if needed. and so after finishing another work i came back and after waiting for only 15 min I was sent to see the doc . DR .Anand is an excellent person who very patiently answered all my doubts and queries . He gave me both options of surgery and medicines and come for review . He is such a pleasant man and your problem will get cured with his wonderful approach itself. The ambience of the hospital is so good. The staffs took good care . I will recommend this hospital for ENT problems ..

Ramy Balaji

I had the best experience! I am extremely thankful to Dr. Anand Sir and his amazing team of staff. I had a recurring ear discharge for almost 2 years now, i showed it to multiple doctors but no use. Dr. Anand saw me and made me understand why the discharge was coming continuously! He spend atleast 10-15 minutes talking to me! I was not expecting a Doctor of his experience and fame to spend so much time with me. I am so happy I chose Anand sir's hospital. I realize why the waiting times are long, its because of the time Dr. Anand spends with each patient! I can tell you, it's worth going to this place because I am truly a fan of Dr. Anand! Thank you, Sir! God bless you!


I have visited last week . In my experience Dr Anand is most trustworthy for all ENT problems. If you are in Coimbatore and if you have any ENT problems I would first recommend Anand ENT hospital.. He definitely has really some magic in his hands.. Staffs were polite and punctual in responding queries. I went for ear infection.Before I visiting anand hospital I visited to Vikram ent, GKNM, Vishnu ENT.forRepeating ear infection. All the others were preferred surgery is the only option to clear the infection. But after visiting to Anand ENT hospital through his medicines I got back my confidence in fighting with the ear infection. Thanks a lot anand sir!!!Best doctor.

Madhumitha Bharath Krishnan

Thank you so much Dr. Anand Sir. Wonderful human being and such a down to earth doctor! Went to Dr. Anand after hearing good feedback from my neighbor. Its a busy hospital but Dr. Anand makes sure he spends at least 10 minutes with each patient (minimum). I was lucky enough to get 15 minutes of his time because of my problem. In this age when doctors just write medicines without even listening to us, I am glad I found Anand sir. People should know more about this wonderful doctor I feel, because doctors like him are few. On a side note, the front office staff were struggling to manage the rush because I realized that people don't understand that Dr. Anand spends time with each patient to give the best treatment available. So some amount of waiting time is expected. I visited the hospital 2 weeks ago. Today morning I thought about how Dr. Anand completely cured me of my disease and I had to write this review. Just go to him and experience his God given curing hands!

Karthika T

I am writing this review mainly for my mom. I have consulted dr. Anand for a tonsils Problem for me.. I have consulted many general physicians for a prolonging throat pain and I got medications only for throat infection . My dad took me to DR.Anand ent hospital, I have to say I was amazed by a patient friendly doctor and hospital.. he explained my problem in details what medicines to take and its effect and the plan ahead also.. I remember seeing kind doctors only in my childhood. After my visit, I recommended the hospital for all the folks I came across with ENT problem. During this covid crisis my mom who resides in Chennai was suffering from ear pain and headache for a week. When I was searching for good online consultations my mind was still searching for the best in field. I thought why not give a try with dr. Anand hospital. I expected an receptionist aided assistance but I really did not expect I can consult with doctor directly. He asked questions about my mom's condition patie

Manjusri Mahendran

Dr Anand was the 3rd doctor I visited for a tinnitus that refused to go away. I had taken the Audiogram twice and both reports pointed in different directions. One report said I could be suffering from Otoscelerosis, which required a surgery that could cost up to 1.5 Lakhs, while the other report stated it could be nerve damage. Dr Anand looked at both reports and quickly diagnosed that the surgery is not required and that the nerve damage can be improved by injecting steroids into the ear. The procedure took exactly 2 minutes (yes only 2 minutes). It was a painless procedure and I was discharged in an hour. Within a week, the improvement was visible to me, and on the audiogram test. I was really lucky to find Dr Anand at the right time and I would recommend him highly to anyone who's facing issues with hearing. His consultation charges are reasonable and he devotes enough time to patients to clear all doubts. Keep up the great work, Dr Anand!

Keshav Nair

Today I took my 60+ years grandma due to severe hearing prob, Dr.Anand sir understood the situation and explained about options either surgery or Device to use.. Explained the way of maintaining ear to avoid further problems. Environment is good and talented supportive Doctor gave more explanation. Just visit once if u feel treatment is not good in other clinics and hospitals. Important: Dr fee and Audiogram test fee quite affordable for Middle class. Book an appointment before visiting directly !! Location: It's quite opposite building near Ramakrishna Hospital.

Sathish S

Very good atmosphere. Doctor explained clearly about my disease and gave advise to cure the disease. Nice doctor. He is taking lot of time to listen our problem and give proper advise even though he is very busy.


Doctor is knowledgeable and quick in diagnosing.. but the waiting time was more ! He cleared all my doubts ! One of the best ent doctor in Coimbatore.. the hospital was very clean and neat!

Manju Sathyaprakash

Dr. Anand sir took the best care to cure my mastoiditis problem. Very good hospitality and very lovely caring 100% curable treatment he has given to me. He has the gods own hand to cure his patients. Thank you very much Anand sir.

Jothi Jegha