High Risk Obstetric Care

We make this moment of giving birth into an adorable memory by making it safe and get away with the fear. It is quite a challenging task to take care of pregnancies complicated by high blood pressure, Diabetes, previous history of abortions etc. We offer high quality multi-disciplinary care with evidence based protocols to ensure the well being of the mother and baby. We strive hard to make woman have a natural birth, caesarean delivery is only when it is indicated. We involve the patient and family in making informed treatment choices and deliver high quality obstetric care in a holistic and compassionate manner.

Fertility care

Evaluation of a couple including male and female infertility is done in a systematic manner based on which individualised care is planned. Gynae-endoscopy is a part of fertility management. Fertility enhancing laparoscopic surgeries are offered where necessary. Couple with sexual dysfunctions would be appropriately counselled and cared.

Other Services Offered
  • Multi-Disciplinary Obstetric Care with highly qualified doctors, anaesthetists and paediatricians, staff nurses who can take care of High risk pregnant women and also low risk pregnant women.
  • Labour Analgesia - Pain free labour is our goal. Labour analgesia is offered to make the women experience painless labour and childbirth, Round the clock availability of specialists to manage emergencies.
  • On-site New Born Care managed by highly experienced doctors and staff nurses
  • Prenatal and Antenatal Counselling Support including diet, antenatal exercises and breastfeeding support classes for the To-be mothers are offered.
  • Evidence based treatment for irregular, heavy and abnormal bleeding and other problems associated with female genital organs in women of all age groups.
  • We offer contraceptive services both temporary and permanent.
  • Laparoscopic Services- Minimally invasive surgeries exclusively for women (for all benign gynaecological problems)
  • Adolescent Clinics - for puberty related counselling and treatment.
  • Fertility enhancing laparoscopic surgeries